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What would a Stoma Emergency Kit contain:

3 one-piece (sizable)

stoma powder

stoma paste



Purpose of a Stoma Emergency:

The purpose of having a stoma emergency kit available at major drugstores is to help ostomates have a go-to place when they have either ran out of their supplies or they are having trouble with their insurance coverage or delivery. Sometimes you can receive stoma bags that are defective and will leak for no reason, these type of incidences happen and your insurance will give you a hard time re-ordering your supplies. We also understand that not all stomas are created equal but the bags that are sizable by cutting them with a pair of scissors from 1″ (25 mm) to 2 1/4″ (57 mm) or more would work for many ostomates. This is to not discount other ostomates that are bigger or are already getting personalized bags, we are working on that too. The purpose once again is to make ostomy supplies available to hold you together until you receive the normal ones in the mail from your place of order.


How can you help? I am so glad you asked! The are three ways you can help and support our cause:


1. Your Story (use #myostomybag)

Please help by either sharing your story of frustration and experience of not being able to get ostomy appliances. The more stories we have, the more we show the bi guys how serious and legitimate this cause is. When you submit your stories via Facebook, Instagram and any other social media please use the hashtag #myostomybag so that we can get a hold of your story and also stay organized o the net. Please share your story in the form below:



2. Ingenious Bag you created in time of need

We’re all family here and we have passed the grossed out stage, amiright, amiright!  If you have ever jerry rigged an ostomy bag please share that picture with us. Here is our bag created out of frustration, hurt, and confusion. This is a day we hope to never go through again. This day, Shannon’s stoma was just overly excited and excreting non-stop and we were completely out of bags and there was not store on Christmas day open where we could have just gone to walk in, purchase a bag, and walk out. It is important to create a visual about our struggles otherwise no one gets it. Please use the hashtag  #myostomybag when you post your images. You can share your picture by clicking on here.


3. Donate

Please donate below so that we can keep pushing in the back scenes for you to get heard and to have the big corporation hear and listen. For that to happen the are overhead costs, travelling, marketing and advertising among many other operations that need this cause to function forward.


Ostomy Bagy





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