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Welcome ostomates and lovers of ostomates !

This contact form is to help connect ostomates  in solving one solitary goal and that is to have ostomy supplies or at the least an ostomy emergency kit that can be available on the shelf over the counter at major drugstores. This is a serious issue in the  ostomate community and it is inevitable issue to run out of bags and cannot run to your local drugstore and picking them up. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that there are plenty medical supplies stores  everywhere and to that I will say congratulations,  you have been a lucky ostomate or ostomate lover who hasn’t experienced running out of bags due to health insurance issues, delivery issues, or just your stoma nurse dropping the ball on your order. Medical supply stores are not open on weekends, holidays or stay open until late. Drugstores on the other hand are open 24 hrs in many places, they open on weekends and holidays and at worst, they open until late. If you would like to be apart of a life changing movement please click here and participate in any way you can.




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