What To Do With Left Over Ostomy Supplies

What to do with left over ostomy supplies? Firstly, congratsulations  on your reversal! Now that you are working on getting back to being bag-less you might have a bunch of ostomy supplies left over. Ostomy supplies do have an expiration date and so keeping them unused means they might be tragically expired at next use which will be no good for the inheriting user. There are several ways to get rid of them and below is a list of how:

  1. If you are part of ostomy social media groups like Facebook The Real Ostomy Group you will find many current ostomates in need of ostomy supplies.
  2. Your ostomy nurse might be happy to take back any of your supplies to help other hospital ostomates.
  3. Find ostomates in your local community. You can do this by starting a local community group. You might be surprised to know how many of your neighbors are ostomates.
  4. Contact any of the following  ostomate  organisation:

    1. Friends of Ostomates Worldwide USA  

    Why We Are Needed

    Ostomates in developing countries may not be able tofow-300x300get affordable supplies, and may have to manage their ostomy using plastic bags, metal cans, rubber gloves, or rags or towels. Their quality of life is poor, and skin care is a major issue. Ostomates may be rejected by their families, friends, and people in their communities. They may not be able to participate in school or work. With access to proper supplies we are able to help these ostomates improve their health and improve their quality of life. READ MORE

    2. Osto Group 

    *Heads-up, you will need to sign up for this site*
    Our Mission

    Osto Group logo        To meet the needs of those who have fallen on hard times by providing them with quality supplies and the necessities for living. In the course of accomplishing this task, we will never diminish the value of a person or the potential that they hold.

    Our Values
    It is our objective to insure that every individual receives service that is:
    • Accommodating
    • Courteous
    • Attentive
    • Prompt
    • Compassionate

    We will provide these to the best of our ability. READ MORE

3. Jacob’s Well Appeal


Jacob’s Well helps people, particularly in West Africa and JACOBSWELLLOGOMoldova by sending the ostomy supplies that otherwise they would not have, enabling patients to live a dignified life. We are very grateful to receive any donation of unwanted Ostomy products including pouches and accessories, lotions, powder, sprays, gels and wipes – provided they are unopened.  READ MORE


4. Samaritan’s Purse International Relief

Samaritans Purse


When evaluating donations for mission hospitals, World Medical Mission must consider the equipment’s condition, its intended use as well as the maintenance requirements and the availability of parts and accessories. Please consider the following suggestions when donating medical items.


Prior to shipping any items please call our medical warehouse at 828-262-1980 to verify that we can use your donation. Items should be sorted and boxed/bagged in separate containers. We do not accept pharmaceuticals and liquids such as cleaners and IV solution. Most office furniture and equipment is generally not accepted. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.• Ace bandages
• Anesthesia supplies (ambu bags, face masks, manual resuscitators, endotracheal tubes)
• Books – Medical texts printed in last 5 years, No medical journals or magazines
• Casting materials
• Catheters (suction, foley, and urethral. No cardiac or balloon)
• Dressings (gauze, bandages, Band-Aids, 4 x 4’s, etc.)
• EKG supplies (electrodes, recording paper, leads, etc.)
• Electrosurgical supplies (cautery pencils, patient plates, etc.)
• Endotracheal and tracheal tubes
• Gloves (OR and exam)
• Gowns (OR and exam, cloth only, no disposables)
• Hospital beds – please call to verify need
• IV supplies (catheter placement, butterflies, injection sites, extensions, no solutions)
• No medicines
• Orthopedic supplies (braces, slings, supports)
• Ostomy supplies
• Over the bed tables
• Patient care (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches)
• Q-tip applicators and containers
• Scalpels and blades
• Scrub/prep (surgical scrub, iodine, brushes, sponges)
• Stainless steel containers
• Stainless steel items: mayo stands and carts, cabinets, and kick buckets
• Surgery instruments
• Surgical tape
• Surgery towels and drapes (cloth only, no disposables)
• Sutures and wound closure supplies
• Syringes/needles
• Tongue depressors and containers
• Yankauer suction tips and suction tubing READ MORE


If you have any ostomy supply donation organizations that were not mentioned above please send us a message and we will update the list.

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